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AP-NORC poll: Majority of Americans support letting Dreamers stay

A new poll just released by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research gives interesting insight into Americans' thoughts on current immigration issues. The poll was performed between Sept. 28 and Oct. 2 on a pool of participants designed to be statistically reflective of U.S. adults.

One of the topics covered by the poll was the status of "Dreamers" -- people who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children. As you may know, the Obama administration put a program in place called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. That program protected qualifying Dreamers without criminal records protection from deportation, along with permission to work or go to school. About 800,000 Dreamers have permits under DACA.

Four tips for your naturalization interview

Becoming a naturalized citizen of the United States is within your reach. After completing your application for naturalization through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, you likely did not just sit back and wait. Ideally, if English wasn't your native language, you practiced and studied to improve your skills. You may have read and studied for your citizenship test or taken a class to help you prepare. The last hurdle is for you to nail the interview.

The interview for your citizenship may change your life because citizenship opens more opportunities for careers and other benefits your green card did not provide. You certainly want to do your best on the interview, so you may even want to seek advice from an immigration attorney. Meanwhile, immigration advocates offer these tips to help you prepare.

Trump issues new, permanent travel ban aimed at 8 countries

President Trump has signed a new executive order restricting travel from eight nations: Iran, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Chad, Venezuela and North Korea. The ban, announced on Sunday, is meant to be the permanent replacement of the temporary travel ban issued in January and revised in March. It goes into effect just as parts of the temporary ban expire.

The new ban is the result of a joint effort by the White House and the State, Justice and Homeland Security departments. The eight countries were chosen because of their inability or unwillingness to meet a security baseline. That baseline was an acceptable level of identity verification and criminal background checks for prospective travelers and the ability to assist the U.S. in assessing the risk they pose.

US State Department issues troubling new rule on visa compliance

In a cable sent to U.S. embassies worldwide, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced that all visitors who require visas to come to the United States will have to follow through on the stated purpose of their trip for at least three months.

If, during the first three months of their stay, they do something they failed to mention in their consular interview, the U.S. government will presume that they deliberately lied. Intentionally lying in a visa application or consular interview would expose anyone still in the United States to deportation. Regardless of whether the traveler was still in the country, being found to have purposely lied to U.S. officials would make it much more difficult -- or impossible -- to get or renew a visa or to adjust their status to a different type of visa or to a green card.

Hope for undocumented immigrants and their advocates in Texas

Undocumented immigrants and their advocates in the Lone Star State received an eleventh-hour reprieve.

Since its passage and signing, Texas Senate Bill 4 has served as a lightning rod for controversy. What was set to take effect on September 1 would establish civil penalties for local governments and law enforcement officials refusing to cooperate with immigration laws and detention requests. They faced $25,500 in fines for every day of noncompliance.

How should you fill out Form I-864? Carefully, very carefully

It's an exciting time in your family when a member is ready to apply for a green card. Because his or her application relies on a family visa, a sponsor is required, and you stepped up to fulfill that role. After all, you support your loved one's aspirations of becoming a citizen one day, and this is the next step.

So, you find out that you must fill out Form I-864, the Affidavit of Support. You take one look at it and wonder if you are in over your head. Don't feel bad; even immigration attorneys have issues with this form. Fortunately, one that has substantial experience in filling them out could prove useful to you.

The post-Harvey plight of undocumented immigrants

For the last eight months, federal authorities have carried out the immigration enforcement agenda of President Donald Trump. Citing the need for public safety, traditional safe spaces that include churches, homeless shelters and courthouses have become targets and anything but safe.

With the power of the White House behind it, nothing seemed to stop the Trump Immigration Enforcement Train, particularly in Texas.

Avoiding fiancé visa complications

A person can be feeling a lot of joy and excitement as their wedding approaches. However, they can also be feeling some stress. After all, there are many key details to take care of related to a wedding. Also, a marriage represents a major new step in a person’s life. So, a lot of preparation and planning generally goes into this major life event.

So, when complications strike as the wedding date approaches, it can raise a person’s worry level considerably. When a person is marrying someone from another country, one class of complications that could be particularly big sources of stress and concern are immigration complications related to their fiancé.

The growing dangers of immigrant smuggling

Smuggling immigrants is a business and business is good. However, profitability is coming at the expense of the well-being, if not the lives of smuggler’s “human cargo.”

More than three weeks after 10 undocumented immigrants died while trapped in a sweltering, poorly ventilated rig parked at a San Antonio Walmart, 17 more were found in a hot truck parked close to the border.

Chicago joins the legal battle over sanctuary cities

As more Texas cities line up to fight federal immigration law enforcement, a prominent metropolis to the north is drawing their own line in the fight over sanctuary cities. Another epic battle is brewing, this time with the Windy City’s top elected official.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced that the City of Chicago is filing a federal lawsuit to prevent the U.S. Justice Department from putting conditions on a federal crime prevention grant.

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