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A rite of passage to protect immigrant rights

Protesters of Texas’ passed, but yet to be enacted immigration law comes from all walks of life. They gather together to stop a law that one lawyer has referred to as a “constitutional train wreck.”

Set to take effect in September, the controversial legislation provides law enforcement more power to detain suspected undocumented immigrants. It also calls for penalties – fines, job termination and incarceration – for officials not complying with immigration officers.

El Paso's unlikely role in the federal immigration crackdown

The river that separates El Paso from Juarez, Mexico serves as a prominent, albeit unique access point for hundreds of people. Every summer, a dry, brown plain replaces the flowing water. Hundreds of people run across the riverbed to enjoy four-minute visits with their loved ones, a practice that skirts the law, but enjoys the approval of border patrol on both sides.

The tradition of embraces and picture taking is part of a family reunification event referred to as “Hugs Not Walls.”

Much needed protections for undocumented minor immigrants

Minors entering the United States without permission must be given a court hearing to determine whether they can be released.

A three-judge panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a prior district court ruling. The justices ruled that authorities are still bound by a 1997 lawsuit settlement that guarantees court hearings for minor immigrants. The accord created detention standards and policies that favor the release of undocumented individuals.

What you should know about the naturalization process

The path to citizenship can be one fraught with challenges and difficulties. There are complex legal matters at hand, and the process can be difficult to understand and navigate. Your application for naturalization could come back denied for no clear reason, but knowing your rights and how to protect your interests could ease some of the difficulty of this process.

There are many advantages to becoming a citizen. In addition to the freedom to remain in the United States and continue living in Texas, you will also enjoy the many other benefits and privileges offered to legal citizens. To reach this goal and complete the application process correctly, you may need to secure qualified and experienced guidance.

Texas' continuing border problems

Texas seemed to be facing enough legal hurdles. Four of their largest cities – San Antonio, Austin, Houston and Dallas – are challenging the constitutionality of the famous (or infamous, depending on who you ask) SB4 “sanctuary cities bill.

With implementation scheduled for September, proponents and opponents are putting in overtime to bring clarify to the chaos.

Immigration law in Texas and California: Opposites do not attract

In spite of immigration law being the purview of the federal government, individual states are dealing with Trump-era immigration matters in their own way. While each have their own approaches and philosophies, no two states can be more on opposite ends of the sanctuary spectrum than California and Texas.

With cities lining up to sue Texas over their new immigration law, the White House has ordered the U.S. Justice Department to enter the fray. In an email notification to the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the Justice Department announced that they would be filing court documents in support of Texas and the growing challenges to pending state immigration law state authorities face.

Immigration and border security top Texas voter concerns

As the legal battle rages on between local community leaders and the state of Texas over the new immigration law, residents have provided their proverbial two cents. In spite of the disputed solutions about to become formalized, they still have significant concerns over the state of their state’s soon-to-be immigration policies

According to a University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll conducted between June 2 and June 11, 1,200 registered voters surveyed put immigration and border security at the top of the list of their primary concerns. Approximately one-third of respondents cited one of those issues as their primary concern.

Opponents of Texas' new immigration law have a powerful new ally

One by one, Texas cities are lining up against the state’s new immigration law set to go into effect in September. From El Cenizo, the state’s oldest sanctuary city, to Austin, the Lone Star State’s capitol, communities are coalescing to stop Senate Bill 4.

If SB4 is enacted, officers could question the immigration status of people they legally detain or arrest. If they identify an undocumented immigrant, that individual faces possible deportation.

Naturalization: a sometimes complicated process in Texas

Perhaps you're one of many Texas residents who came to the United States from another country. Hopefully, you're among those whose border crossings were peaceful and arranged well in advance, not conducted in dire circumstances while fleeing from imminent violence, poverty or danger. Either way, no matter if you've been in this state for a year or several decades, if you're hoping to apply for citizenship, you might be concerned about a number of issues.

Do you know some people research the process because they're interested in becoming citizens only to learn later that they already have claims to citizenship through their parents?

Police chiefs: Unlikely opponents to Texas’ new immigration law

Immigration enforcement continues to ramp up not only in Texas following passage of Senate Bill 4, but also throughout the country. The growing chorus of protests includes unlikely critics.

The leaders of Texas’ law enforcement communities.

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