Employment-Based Immigration

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We customize immigration solutions for every person who visits the law office of Trevino Immigration Law because we recognize that everyone has different circumstances and unique needs.

This is especially relevant in cases of employment-based immigration. The waiting periods vary widely, according to numerous factors, including, but not limited to, the country of origin and the credentials belonging to the person involved in the process.

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There are five basic categories that individuals are classified as when making application for employment-based immigration to the United States:

  • Priority workers
  • Members of professions holding advanced degrees
  • Skilled workers, professionals and other workers
  • Special immigrants
  • Employment creation visas

For our clients who require temporary work visas, our San Antonio employment-based immigration attorneys choose visas that fit best with their unique circumstances. H-1B and L-1 visas are two of the most common visas used by our immigration attorneys.

Program Review Electronic Management (PERM)

Some employment-based applications will require that you undergo a PERM process. This procedure involves certification by the U.S. Department of Labor verifying there is a lack of qualified U.S. workers in your job category.

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This is a complicated process that can be expensive and time-consuming if mistakes are made. Contact us to arrange a private meeting with one of our Texas green card lawyers. We can answer your questions about the process and discuss which method would be most effective in your case.