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March 2015 Archives

H1B Specialty Occupation Season is upon us

April 1st is the magic date the Department of Homeland Security begins accepting H1b petitions for the fiscal year 2016.  The cap is expected to be met within the first five days of filing.  If it is met, within that time frame, the Department of Homeland Security will select applicants by lottery system and return the files that were not selected.  Premium processing will not begin until May 10 for cases selected in the lottery.  Please visit the DHS website for more into.

Don't deport parents of US Citizens or legal residents

For the life of me, I can't understand the congressional reluctance to acknowledge it is good policy to provide a way for parents of United States Citizens or Legal Permanent Residents to stay in the US.  Isn't this an opportunity for the majority party in congress to pass a law that actually makes sense and is right?  Instead they embrace the untenable position of deporting parents of Citizens with no criminal records back to their home countries.  Wouldn't it make more sense to concentrate on the criminals, terrorists and bad guys?

House and Senate present clean funding bill to President Obama

Today congress passed a clean spending bill and presented it to President Obama.  The Department of Homeland Security is funded through at least this September.  Thank you Congress for doing your job to keep us safe!

GOP wages war on Immigration Reform

Over the weekend, we got a chance to see the GOP controlled congress in action.  After the last election, it seemed they could come together and pass legislation the was more proactive and not as defensive as we've seen in the past.  The way I see it, Congress's primary goal is to stop anything Obama does at any cost, without regard to whether what they're fighting the right fight.  Instead of coming up with their own immigration bill, the GOP led congress is hell bent on deporting the following groups of people:  Parents of US Citizens,  undocumented Children who have graduated from High School who also have a clean record.  They also believe the best way to do this is to defund the Department of Homeland Security.  As an Immigration Attorney, I find it hard to believe these people in congress even understand what they are proposing.  The arguments they make are not only hateful, but inhumane.  Do they care about winning elections anymore?  Do they even know why they oppose the executive action?  It's not a permanent solution, it's barely even a temporary solution what could possible justify the hateful position they've taken on Immigration?

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