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July 2015 Archives

Donald Trump's Immigration Policy

David 1So far he has offered scant details on his immigration policy other than, a wall should be build separating mexico and the United States.  He recently visited the Texas/Mexico border at Laredo Texas where he stated "in certain sections you have to have a wall."  .  He also says there is great danger from the illegals.  No doubt this red meat will further increase his polling numbers, but it is really a tenable position to hold on immigration?  This country is in dire need of immigration reform if any reason, than for security purposes.  They have been talking about a wall for years and I honestly don't see any progress on that horizon either.  Is it wise to wait until the "wall" is build before we see any reform?  It seems like a security flaw to follow this route, but what does a simple San Antonio immigration attorney know about these things, lol.  Read about Trump's Laredo trip here.  

Alert-"DACA recipients must return improperly issued 3 year work permits by July 17"

The Department of Homeland Security Citizenship and Immigration Service has issued a reminder to all DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) to return any cards that were improperly issued with three year validity periods.  According to the release, two years cards have already been issued to replace the cards with the three year expiration.  If you have received a letter from Citizenship and Immigration Services or are worried that you haven't received a letter please call our office on how to proceed.

DHS Employees Colluding with known hate groups

Please read through this excellent article exposing the fact that some DHS employees including those from Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement have actually been colluding with anti immigrant groups, at least one of which was designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.  DHS employees are supposed to have a top secret security clearance and I just don't understand how they can undermine America's security and sharing classified info with any group much less one designated as hate group.  Things are not as secure as they seem and this story shows just how easy it is to share insider information with outsiders.  What is to stop these rouge employees from sharing with other hate groups including neo nazis ISIL or even al-queda?  I hope the authorities are looking into this because it appears to be a serious threat to national security.  DHS Shares info with Anti Immigrant Hate Groups?

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