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December 2016 Archives

Trailblazing a path to citizenship

El Paso Independent School District Trustee Susie Byrd was aware of Border Patrol agents that once stopped students and teachers near Bowie High School located across the border from Mexico. She also knew of a past cheating scheme in the district that denied immigration students their educational rights by forcing them out of the district or stopping them from enrolling.

Political will meets Texas business interests

In the wake of an election that shifted the balance of power, interesting and contradictory dynamics are sprouting up everywhere. Angry rhetoric over illegal immigration has reached a fever pitch in Texas’ state capital. Vows of ending sanctuary cities in the Lone Star State have dominated news articles, columns, blogs, and run-of-the-mill discussions.

Sanctuary! Sanctuary!

The election season of 2016 and the subsequent outcome have shined a bright light on the issues surrounding illegal immigration, specifically sanctuary cities. High-profile debates and intense media coverage introduced many Americans to the existence of certain areas that protect undocumented immigrants from deportation.

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