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A Not-So-Great Wall?

Not since the halcyon days of Pink Floyd has a wall become so prominent and influential. Packed arenas saw fans sing along to performances of one of their signature songs, “The Wall.”

Over the course of the past year, supporters of President-elect Donald Trump preferred a more non-musical rendition of a three-word chant.

“Build that wall.”

As opposition to the proposed wall increased, the wall grew brick on top of brick. Every time Mexico refused to foot the bill, another foot was added to its height.

Is The Wall Truly A Wall?

At the end of any successful political campaign, pre-election rhetoric becomes post-election reality. Simple, yet catchy catch phrases morph into complex concepts. Members of Trump’s transition team are facing reality when it comes to the wall’s true “wall-ness.”

Practically, the terrain and other conditions along the 1,933-mile southern border make construction of a fortified wall challenging, if not impractical. The concept of a wall has now evolved into a synonym for security in the form of fences and open surveillance to prevent illegal border crossing.

House Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul sees the wall as an “historic, multi-layered defense system so that drug cartels and terrorists don’t skip through the cracks.” The system will include increased presence of border patrol agents, aerial surveillance with drones, and sensors to protect the border.

Regardless of what form the stories structure takes, all in all, it’s just another brick in the wall.

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Source: Bloomberg, rump’s Mexico Border ‘Wall’ Vanishing as GOP Lawmakers Bolt, Laura Litvan, Dec 7, 2016

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