Adjustment Of Status / Green Card

There are two methods for obtaining legal, permanent residency in the U.S.; individuals can stay in the U.S. and apply for an adjustment of status, or leave the U.S. and go through consular processing. We try to keep these types of cases in the U.S., so we can maintain control of your immigration issues, but our process will depend upon your circumstances. For example, if you made illegal entry into the U.S. after 1998, you may have no choice but to go abroad to process your petition. However, if you entered legally you may qualify for adjustment of status in the United States and qualify for a green card in as little as four months.

The only way to determine your best course of action is to take advantage of our free, initial legal consultation. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our San Antonio lawyers for adjustment of status.

Our Texas Lawyers Assist You With Changing Your Immigration Status

The legal professionals at Trevino Immigration Law consider every client and their circumstances to be unique. We never use a standard approach to resolve your immigration issues. Our thorough knowledge of the adjustment of status requirements ensures that we can efficiently guide you through the process so you can focus on your future instead of your past.

There are many factors that can delay or cause a denial of your petition for adjustment of status. Some of these are errors that can be costly to correct, and they can be easily avoided by working with a knowledgeable San Antonio lawyer for adjustment of status.

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Depending upon the circumstances, document preparation, evidence gathering and other important steps in the adjustment of status process can require significant effort and expertise. Our Texas immigration status attorneys have extensive experience managing these types of cases, and they can minimize the chances for complications.