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The price immigrants are paying for their freedom

President Trump’s immigration crackdown could see numbers far surpass the more than 350,000 undocumented immigrants detained between October 2015 and September 2016. A backlog of those seeking asylum, violating visas and facing criminal charges wait for their cases to be heard. Eligible for bail, but unable to pay, their fear and frustration are forcing these detainees to seek help.

When is harboring an immigrant not considered harboring?

Uncertainty continues to reign as efforts to enforce federal immigration law continue. The Trump administration continues to clash with state, county and city governments. The White House wants enforcement of immigration laws while more localized entities prefer to continue the status-quo of sanctuary policies.

Are legal conflicts clouding Texas immigration law?

Several years ago, an El Paso County resident filed a lawsuit that accused sheriffs’ deputies of conducting immigration checks at roadside checkpoints. The suit was settled in 2006. The county sheriff’s department was required have written policies that prohibit deputies from enforcing civil immigration law.

What you need to know about immigration detainers

Immigration detainers have become a prominent issue in the ban on Texas-based sanctuary cities and the showdown between Gov. Greg Abbott and Travis County Sherriff Sally Hernandez. The county is part of a 300-member contingent of law enforcement agencies nationwide vowing to limit cooperation with notifications that could lead to deportation.

Are sanctuary cities becoming a thing of the past?

On the same day that President Donald Trump signed an executive order denying federal funding to sanctuary cities, similar battle lines were drawn in Texas. State lawmakers and local jurisdictions are amassing on their respective front lines in what may be an epic battle.

Sanctuary! Sanctuary!

The election season of 2016 and the subsequent outcome have shined a bright light on the issues surrounding illegal immigration, specifically sanctuary cities. High-profile debates and intense media coverage introduced many Americans to the existence of certain areas that protect undocumented immigrants from deportation.

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