What to do if your visa is denied

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2017 | Adjustment of Status

Whether someone is trying to get into another country for work, school or personal reasons, a visa denial can ruin extensive plans and cause the applicant to lose thousands of dollars. Before giving up, rejected persons and their family members in Texas should learn what steps they can take to overcome a refusal.

First, the reasons the visa was denied need to be determined. Path2USA.com states that many rejections are due to the applications lacking needed information or documents. Sometimes this information may be evidence that proves a visa is necessary, or that there are sufficient ties outside of the U.S. that will prevent applicants from entering and staying illegally. These strong ties include the following:

  •          Business holdings that will require attention
  •          Property that needs care
  •          Living family members
  •          Long-term plans in the home country
  •          A permanent residence
  •          Possessions, such as a vehicle

Lacking these can signal to the official that there will be no compelling reasons to return.

Unlike other types of applications, requests for visas can be resubmitted immediately and sought as many times as desired. Applicants need to be sure that they are presenting new information that may help their case each time they apply for a visa.

The U.S. Passports and International Travel Department states that waivers of ineligibility may be available to applicants who were denied. If they were rejected because of an aspect that they cannot change and they want to reapply, they should request a waiver to prevent them from being denied for that same reason again.