A new immigration regulation could affect members of your family

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2019 | Firm News

Each year, hundreds of thousands of immigrants petition to adjust their status in order to become permanent residents of the United States. As you know, the state of immigration in this country is highly uncertain right now. It seems as though the rules continue to change without warning.

The latest change came recently with a new regulation that has the potential of limiting the number of green cards issued. If you have a family member wanting to adjust his or her status, you may need to know what the regulation says.

What does the new regulation do?

It potentially denies permanent residency to those accepting government benefits such as Medicaid, housing vouchers, food stamps and other forms of assistance. According to reports, the aim is to encourage those legally entering the country to take steps to support themselves. Now, the inability of an applicant to be self-supporting could count against him or her when applying for permanent residency. It is possible that even immigrants working hard to make their way in this country could receive a denial for receiving any assistance.

Hundreds of thousands of people could lose the chance to adjust their status because they have not yet achieved the ability to support themselves. One of them could be a member of your family.

Don’t lose hope

You may wonder whether you can do anything to help ensure your loved one receives permanent residency. That could depend on numerous factors. The rule itself may provide the answer. So far, it does not apply to the following:

  • Pregnant women needing Medicaid benefits
  • Those seeking asylum
  • Active duty military members
  • Refugees
  • Children under age 21
  • Those needing emergency medical care

No one yet knows whether the current law requiring the sponsor of an immigrant to pay for certain government benefits that person receives will have any bearing on whether a green card is issued to someone receiving government benefits. Immigration attorneys across the country will review the 837-page rule to determine more about how it affects their current and future clients and how to advise them.

If you have a family member who could face a denial of a green card based on this new rule, it may help to sit down with a Texas immigration attorney in order to determine what legal options are available.