Are you fully prepared to attend an immigration interview?

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Taking steps to obtain U.S. government permission to live and work in Texas or elsewhere across the country can be an exciting, yet stressful experience. Perhaps, you have family members who have already successfully navigated the process. Then again, maybe you are the “pioneer” in your family, the first to emigrate from another country of origin. One of the most important things you may have to do is attend an immigration interview.

During such interviews, U.S. immigration law officials ask many questions. The things you say, what you do and even your personal appearance that day may affect your ability to stay in the United States. It’s a good idea to stay closely connected to a strong support network, so you can rely on people who are skilled and experienced, especially if a legal problem arises.

Key factors to keep in mind

The federal government decides legal status issues on a case-by-case basis. The following includes information to keep in mind as you prepare for your immigration interview:

  • A language barrier can cause serious obstacles in your interview process. This is why many Texas immigrants ask interpreters to accompany them to their interviews.
  • It’s a very bad idea to be late in arriving at your immigration interview. Keep that in mind regarding finding a parking spot, riding a bus, taking elevators or any other issues that might delay your arrival.
  • There are stringent regulations regarding items you may or may not bring with you to your interview. Make sure you check your purse, pockets, wallet, etc., to ensure you do not attempt to enter the interview facility with a prohibited item.
  • You’ll want to remember to turn off your cell phone during your interview.
  • Your personal appearance will have an impression on your interviewer. It’s best to dress in a neat, clean, casual, business-conservative style when the ultimate goal is to make a good impression.
  • It’s likely that your interviewer will want to see certain original documents. You can prepare for this by bringing all documents related to your identity, passport or current legal status.
  • Avoid handing over original documents to immigration officials by taking along photocopies of each one.
  • Inconsistent information may definitely cause a red flag in your application process. For this reason, make sure all your application and identification information is updated.

For instance, if you have changed addresses since submitting your initial application, make sure you provide updated information to your interviewer. If you don’t know the answer to a question, it’s always best to say so, rather than try to make up an answer or lie about the issue. By relying on a strong support network of people, you can take one step at a time to accomplish your goals as a Texas immigrant.