Are you struggling to adapt to life in Texas as an immigrant?

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2020 | Firm News

Whether you arrived in Texas from a nearby, bordering country or traveled clear across an ocean to get here, you may have felt both excited yet nervous as you settled into your new lifestyle. If you have family members who were already living in the United States for some time, they have probably formed a strong support network to help you adjust to a new culture.

Any number of issues can arise to impede your ability to feel comfortable in your new surroundings, particularly if there’s a problem with your legal status or some other immigration-related challenge exists. Several phases of adjustment are typical for most immigrants. You may relate to one or more of these stages.

When you first arrived in Texas

In your first days or weeks as newcomer in the U.S., you may have felt as if you were on a honeymoon. Everything feels new and exciting during this phase. Maybe you started a new job or started making new friends. Some people describe this first phase as feeling as if they are living in a dream.

When the honeymoon wears off

Just as married couples sometimes say they encounter challenges in their relationships after several years of marriage, you might begin to feel frustration, loneliness or even anger after you’ve been in Texas for a while. Perhaps, you’re struggling with mastery of English or maybe you’re finding it difficult to adapt to certain cultural customs, food or other traditions in the United States.

Finally feeling at home

You may go through numerous stages of adjustment before you finally feel at home in your new community. It’s helpful to try to interact often with people of different backgrounds. However, if you’re really struggling to adapt, it might also be helpful to connect with someone from your same country of origin because he or she can likely relate to how you’re feeling.

When a legal issue is the problem

Did something go wrong with your visa or green card application? Are you having legal status trouble because your paperwork is not in order? Encountering legal obstacles regarding the immigration process can make it even more difficult to settle into your new home. Whatever the issue might be, never hesitate to reach out for additional support as needed.

Maybe you work with someone or have someone in your neighborhood who has successfully overcome similar immigration problems. He or she can point you in the right direction for support.