Preparing for your marriage green card interview

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2020 | Family Immigration

If you are in the process of applying for a marriage green card, the last step of the process – attending a green card interview – is probably on your mind. The interview is simply meant to assess the authenticity of your marriage, but it can feel daunting.

Immigration officers are expected to treat every marriage as fraudulent until proven wrong. Therefore, the process will be thorough. At the interview, you need to supply proof that your relationship is authentic. This could include Facebook photos or a lease showing you live together.

You will be asked a handful of questions, ranging from easy to difficult. Simple questions that the immigration officer may ask you include:

  • When did you start dating?
  • When did you meet your spouse’s family?
  • How did you decide to get married?
  • Who was at your wedding?

The immigration officer might also ask harder questions, such as:

  • What gift did you buy your spouse for Christmas?
  • Can you draw me a diagram of your bedroom?
  • Does your spouse have any tattoos?
  • What did you and your spouse do last night?

These questions give you the opportunity to prove that you are in a true relationship with your spouse. Don’t fret if you can’t remember the answer to one question; a lot of different information is taken into consideration during the interview. Aside from questioning you, the officer may:

  • Visit your home
  • Speak with your neighbors
  • Explore public records

During the interview, the immigration officer looks out for red flags. They note large age gaps, as well as religion and language differences. You may receive a notice of intent to deny if the officer is suspicious of your marriage’s authenticity. In this case, you have the opportunity to respond. You can appeal or file a new petition if your response is denied.

The officer also observes how you present yourself. It’s helpful to follow typical interview etiquette in order to have a successful interview. Tips for etiquette include:

  • Making eye contact with the officer
  • Arriving early and preparing to spend the entire day there
  • Bringing identification and other requested documents
  • Dressing nicely

Although a green card interview can be nerve-racking, remember that it’s just a way to make sure your marriage is real. And it brings you one step closer to living as a permanent resident with your loved one.