What are the classifications of “H” type visas?

On Behalf of | May 28, 2020 | Employment Immigration

If you are a prospective immigrant with your sights set on a working in the United States, what do you do next? Your first step is probably to look into options for work visas.

Today we will look at temporary work visas. We will examine the popular category of “H” visas and the situations to which they apply.

Registered nurses

When people mention temporary work visas, they are most likely talking about the “H” type. There are several classifications. H-1A visas only apply to registered nurses. They get this visa during times of medical crisis or nurse shortages. It allows medical professionals to go where needed. They do not have to get strung up in the visa system for weeks or months.

Specialty occupations

H-1B visas are the most varied. This type covers any specialty occupation. It is also sometimes called a “professional” occupation. People qualified for this visa type must have specialized knowledge. Applicants must have an equivalent of a four-year degree at a minimum. In addition, the job such candidates apply for must also have a four-year degree (or higher) as a requirement.

Agricultural or temporary work

Finally, there are H-2 visas. This visa is for jobs related to agriculture or adjacent work. It can also apply to other jobs that are temporary in nature. This can include fixed-term, intermittent or seasonal employment. This visa can also apply to industries that have a temporary surge in demand for certain types of workers.

A temporary visa can be a great opportunity for workers to live and work in the United States legally. With the current healthcare crisis, there may be more industries than usual with increased demand for workers. It’s worth consulting with an immigration attorney to understand your options.