What should I do if I’m facing removal?

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2020 | Adjustment of Status

Immigrants provide substantial value to Texas’s culture and economy. Many have built businesses, families and communities that strengthen the Lone Star State. However, at some point, they must prove their right to remain here. They can do so through a visa, green card or other forms of documentation.

Unfortunately, if they don’t, it could result in removal from the United States.

People who are here without a valid visa or green card may risk leaving everything behind. While this is a terrifying position to be in, there are various relief options available.

Ways to avoid removal

While these aren’t always foolproof, here are a couple strategies that could help:

  • Cancellation of removal: Such relief is available to qualifying permanent and non-permanent residents. Under cancellation of removal, immigrants can get their status switched to permanent residence. It also waives them of their “deportable” status.
  • Adjustment of status: Adjustment of status allows some temporary status changes for immigrants. To obtain this, a family member or employer of the person must petition for them. Those who have committed certain crimes or didn’t appear at hearings may not get this relief.

You can also appeal an unfavorable decision by an immigration judge. An administrative body can appeal these decisions for you, but it must be done within at least one month of receiving the initial decision.

If all these options fail, you could also agree to removal. This option isn’t ideal, but if removal is inevitable, it can help. That’s because it can allow you to attempt re-entry soon after, rather than waiting an entire decade.

You shouldn’t give up

Many people face removal from the United States each year. Due to the complexities of these matters, consulting an experienced immigration attorney could be beneficial.