How can immediate relatives of a citizen apply for a green card?

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2020 | Family Immigration

Once an immigrant has moved to Texas and received U.S. citizenship, they might want their immediate family members to join them. Certain family members are eligible to receive a green card if they immigrate to the United States. However, they have to meet certain qualifications to immigrate lawfully.

How can relatives of a U.S. citizen apply for a green card?

According to family immigration laws, the relatives of the U.S. citizen must meet certain requirements. To be considered an immediate relative, they must be a spouse, parent or child of the U.S. citizen. If they’re a child of the citizen, they must be 21 years old or younger and unmarried.

To apply for a green card, they must move to the United States and be inspected by an immigration officer. Once they’ve moved to the U.S., they must fill out the required paperwork to apply for a green card. They might not be eligible for a green card if they entered the United States unlawfully.

The required paperwork includes application forms, two photographs, a copy of their birth certificate, copies from their passport pages, a copy of their ID and other important documents. They might have to pay a fee to submit their documents.

How might an attorney help your family members move to the U.S.?

If you have immediate family members who want to move to the United States, an attorney may be able to help them with the immigration process. An attorney may help them gather paperwork and apply for a visa or a green card. By working with an attorney, your relatives might be able to navigate the complex immigration process and become U.S. citizens.