How to apply for U.S. citizenship

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2020 | Citizenship

If you’re an immigrant living in Texas, your ultimate goal may be to gain U.S. citizenship. If your application is successful, you will become an official United States citizen and receive special rights because of your status. Here’s how you can apply for U.S. citizenship.

How do you apply to become a U.S. citizen?

To begin the citizenship and naturalization process, you must be eligible to become a U.S. citizen. If you are eligible, you’ll fill out a few documents and pay the application fees. Afterward, you might have to set up a biometrics appointment.

At this point in the process, you will have to complete an interview at the USCIS office. The USCIS will review your application and send you its decision in the mail. They might grant you citizenship, ask for more paperwork or deny your request.

If your request was granted, you will then have to complete an Oath of Allegiance to the United States. You’ll also turn in your green card and receive a certificate of naturalization. Once this is completed, you’ll officially become a United States citizen.

Do you need help with the naturalization process?

For help with the naturalization process, you may hire an attorney. A lawyer could help you apply for citizenship and fill out the required documents. Your attorney will make sure you meet the deadlines and get ready for the naturalization interview.

The attorney will also assist you if your request is denied. They might review the notice and help you file an appeal. Additionally, legal counsel could represent you throughout the process and ensure that your rights as an immigrant are protected.