Congress tries again to help Dreamers

On Behalf of | May 26, 2021 | US Immigration Law

Texas Dreamers were saved by a Supreme Court decision that kept the Trump Administration from ending the program. Now, Congress is considering a long-term solution that could enable Dreamers to remain in the United States. A number of bills have been proposed in the current Congress.

Both Houses of Congress have bills to help Dreamers

The House has already passed the American Dream and Promise Act of 2021 to put the program into law. The Senate has its own bill, but the odds of passage are longer given the rules of the body.

Both bills give protections to Dreamers and provide a pathway to citizenship for them. The House bill is much broader, giving protection to approximately 3 million Dreamers. The Senate bill is more incremental as it tries to seek bipartisan support in the closely divided chamber. It would protect 2 million Dreamers and keep them in the country.

Congress has been trying to pass laws for two decades

This is Congress’ latest attempt to try to help Dreamers. Congress has tried a dozen times since 2001 to enact some sort of legislation to protect immigrants brought to the country as children. The issue has often been caught up in the contentious debate over immigration reform. Given the shifting politics in Washington, it is essential to pass some protection for Dreamers that will give them permanent residency.

In the meantime, Dreamers and their families need help in understanding immigration law, both to protect their own status and understand what may come next. An immigration attorney may help them with their paperwork to comply with the terms of the existing program. An attorney may also assist if any Dreamer is subject to a removal proceeding.