Can you help your married children immigrate?

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2022 | Family Immigration

As a parent, a lengthy separation from your children could be a painful prospect. However, it could also be necessary if you want to offer them the best future possible. Taking a new job or remarrying might mean you live in a different country than they do.  

Once you have settled in the United States legally, you could potentially help your children enter the country. However, both their age and their marital status will affect their immigration opportunities. The best opportunities exist for those children unmarried and under the age of 21. 

Can you potentially help a child who has gotten married enter the United States? 

You may need to become a citizen

If you are in the country with a visa or green card, you may not be able to help an older, married child immigrate to the United States. The family preference visa program that helps permanent residents and citizens limits the age and marital status of the children who qualify. 

Married children can only enter the country if their family member is a United States citizen. Otherwise, they will not qualify for a family preference visa and a green card. 

Naturalization is a viable solution

While it may seem extreme to become a citizen just to help your children, doing so will benefit you as well. The naturalization process does require paperwork, testing and an interview, but you will have more rights and protections as a naturalized citizen than you do as a permanent resident or visa holder. 

Learning the rules that apply to family-based immigration can help you extend opportunities to your loved ones.