Bussing immigrants can lead to challenges

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2022 | US Immigration Law

Recently, news stories have been popping up about the governor of Texas bussing immigrants to other cities, including New York City, Washington, DC, and Chicago. This brings up many questions about the state of immigration in this country.

Immigration regulations are primarily set based on the executive orders of the person who’s serving as President, so these change depending on who’s in office. It can make it hard to keep track of what’s current and what’s outdated.

Immigrants may thrive in new areas

For people who are coming to the United States without having to flee from their own country, planning is a critical step. Understandably, refugees might not be able to do this but planning where you’ll live and having at least a general idea of where to find a job can help you.

Some immigrants crossing the Texas border are being sent to other areas of the country. Fortunately, they’re finding that they have many opportunities in those areas. Some may even have family members where they’re going. This can make the process easier, but the question about what’s best for you as an immigrant remains.

Governor Greg Abbot is estimated to have spent around $12 million to bus immigrants out of Texas. This doesn’t exactly speak of the “southern hospitality” that many have heard about; however, some immigrants find that there’s much help when they get to their destination.

For example, immigrants in Chicago are met with clean clothes, food, and shelter. They’re also provided access to services that can help them become established in the United States.

Immigration policies change often, so it’s critical that you understand them when you’re trying to come to the United States. Working with someone familiar with them can help you ensure you’re doing what’s necessary as you try to obtain your immigration documentation.