Many Texas cities welcome and support immigrant families

On Behalf of | May 8, 2023 | Family Immigration

As immigration destinations go, Texas is emerging as one of the most welcoming states. Many immigrants entering the U.S. or coming from elsewhere in the country are making this state their home.

In 2019, Dallas became the first “Certified Welcoming” city in Texas. However, it isn’t the only region eager to receive immigrants and their families. You have m metropolitan areas to choose from if you want to live in Texas.

San Antonio

The San Antonio region has long been a refuge for immigrants and asylum-seekers. Since it is so close to the Mexican border, its citizens are accustomed to newcomers and typically welcome them. The local government supports immigrant families in need with financial and other resources.


Austin is known as one of the nation’s finance and technology hubs, which means those with training and education can earn a lucrative income here. Immigrants can thrive in Austin and see the dreams of their children and grandchildren come true.

Common denominators

These two Texas cities are growing and promising immigrants the potential to increase their education, open businesses and contribute meaningfully to society. The diversity of the population already inhabiting these regions help immigrants feel safe and included.

Overcoming your obstacles

Immigrants face many challenges when seeking a home in America. You must undergo interviews and answer many questions, which can be overwhelming for newcomers. Those who want their family members to join them here also face challenges (such as proving their relationship).

Having experienced legal guidance can help ensure that those who want to make Texas their new home can overcome these challenges and make a smooth transition to life in America.