Migrant crisis on the border continues to grow

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2023 | US Immigration Law

Last month, the Department of Defense increased the number of troops dispatched toward the border in the area of Eagle Pass, TX, as migrants continue to stream across the border, officials with the Department of Homeland Security announced.

Problems resulting from the influx of border-crossers fleeing authoritarian regimes and lack of economic opportunities in countries often far south of the United States’ border with Mexico have left resources depleted and enhanced the dangers that migrants face in their perilous treks across the desert.

There is a safer way to come to the USA

While every migrant faces their own unique sets of circumstances that led to their fleeing their homelands, arriving without proper documentation can set off a chain reaction of unfortunate events that can even lead to being denied legal status in the future. 

Arriving without papers or money, often with just the clothes on their backs, these unfortunate refugees are often treated as political pawns by the right and the left. Those lucky enough to survive their journeys may then find themselves bussed or flown to distant cities where they know nobody and cannot speak English.

Work within the system to arrive legally

While it can seem to take forever to go through all the red tape involved with legal immigration, it is the safest route to take when immigrating to the United States. When you arrive legally and attain your green-card status, you can then bring your individual family members here to join you in the United States.

Working with a legal advocate who can advise you of any changes to the country’s immigration laws is preferable than trying to cross the border illegally.