3 things that may jeopardize your immigration case

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2024 | US Immigration Law

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is strict about its processes. Due to the sensitivity of its work, the department does not take anything lightly, even the things an applicant may deem minor. 

You may be eligible for an immigration visa, adjustment of status or naturalization, but your application can be denied because of a simple mistake such as:

Filing the incorrect form/document version

It’s vital to pay attention to the form version you are using for your application. You don’t want to submit an outdated form. The USCIS regularly updates forms. Always confirm online that the form you are using is the current edition.

Further, USCIS typically states the type of document to submit depending on different instances, whether the original document or its photocopy. You should submit the requested version. If the department requests you to submit an original document, submitting a photocopy can result in a rejection. 

Paying an incorrect fee amount

On the application instructions, you will find the fee amount. You need to confirm the amount you are required to pay because submitting your application with an incorrect fee amount can disadvantage you. 

The USCIS launched an online fee calculator to guide applicants and, in turn, reduce the cases of rejections due to incorrect filing fees. This calculator is especially beneficial for applicants using forms with varying fees.

Not signing a document 

You should provide a signature on your applications, petitions, requests and specified documents. This validates your identity and maintains the integrity of the department. Failing to sign or provide a valid signature is reason enough for an application to be rejected.

It’s crucial to be adequately informed when going through any process with the USCIS to avoid disappointments when checking your case status.