Avoiding fiancé visa complications

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2017 | Family Immigration

A person can be feeling a lot of joy and excitement as their wedding approaches. However, they can also be feeling some stress. After all, there are many key details to take care of related to a wedding. Also, a marriage represents a major new step in a person’s life. So, a lot of preparation and planning generally goes into this major life event.

So, when complications strike as the wedding date approaches, it can raise a person’s worry level considerably. When a person is marrying someone from another country, one class of complications that could be particularly big sources of stress and concern are immigration complications related to their fiancé.

A common immigration issue for soon-to-be married couples in which one partner is from the U.S. and the other is not is pursuing a K-1 visa for the partner who is a foreign national. This type of visa is sometimes referred to as a fiancé visa. This temporary visa allows a foreign national engaged to a U.S. citizen to come to the U.S. to marry the citizen.

Many things can be very impactful when pursuing such a visa, including:

  • How accurately the forms for the application process are completed.
  • What documents are gathered and presented to support the application.
  • How carefully the relevant rules are followed at each step of the application process.

A couple making mistakes when it comes to these things is among the things that can cause serious complications to arise. It could lead to delays or other serious problems in the application process. Such problems could cause a lot of stress and leave a couple worried about whether they will be able to have the wedding the way they were planning.

So, when a U.S. citizen is marrying someone from a foreign country and they want to get married in the U.S., it can be important to make sure that, in the midst of all the wedding plans, appropriate attention is given to K-1 visa issues. Giving such issues the attention they need could help with steering clear of complication-causing mistakes. Among the steps a couple can take to try to ensure such issues are properly addressed is having a skilled attorney help them with the various steps related to pursuing a K-1 visa.