3 tips to preparing for your immigration interview

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2018 | Family Immigration

Going through an immigration interview is a stressful experience for anyone. However, having an experienced immigration attorney on your side can be extraordinarily valuable at getting you prepared and feeling as confident as possible in the interview. Today we provide three tips to help you out:

Be prepared for uncomfortable questions. For instance, if you’re an asylee applying or permanent resident status, the immigration officer may ask you details about the trauma you sustained which made you eligible for asylum status. While this may be a painful experience to recall, it is important to be open and honest about your history.

Don’t let your emotions dictate your reaction. It’s the immigration officer’s job to make sure that you’re seeking to come to the U.S. for legitimate reasons. Sometimes, this may lead to a line of questioning that is upsetting to you. For example, if you came to the U.S. on a fiancé visa, the immigration officer may ask you personal details about your relationship with your partner—to determine whether it is a real, loving relationship. If an officer asks a question that you find insulting, try to put yourself in the officer’s shoes and remember their rationale for asking the question. Keep your emotions in check, and respond clearly and calmly.

Keep it professional. Some people have a tendency use humor as a means of breaking tension in highly stressful situations. Under the right circumstances, this technique can be an effective way to loosen people up. However, joking with an immigration officer—even if you think your sarcasm is obvious—is a bad idea.